The Teams

UNSW Sunswift
UNSW Redback Racing
UNSW Hyperloop

UNSW Sunswift

UNSW Solar Racing Team Sunswift (est. 1996) is engineered and run by a team of students who believe in pushing the limits of technology to inspire sustainable action.

The team design, build and race solar-electric vehicles in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (Darwin to Adelaide) to demonstrate their potential as a practical alternative to traditional petrol-fuelled transport.

Building on the experience and knowledge gained from working in Sunswift for 22 years, Sunswift provides a context for practical learning and sustainable development. The project embraces the spirit of excellence, innovation, and proactive youth leadership to drive the development of energy-efficient technologies. The team aims to push further for international accomplishments and accelerate the future of renewable energy by creating a modern, high-tech, comfortable and efficient car.

UNSW Redback Racing

The Redback Racing team competes in Formula SAE / Formula Student competitions, which are designed to improve the quality of engineering graduates through practical experience. Students are challenged to apply the knowledge from their studies to the design, manufacture and testing of a full-sized racing car.

The team’s mission is to craft future engineers from today’s students  by exposing them to hands-on practical experience primarily through the  construction of  vehicles. We see ourselves as being,  above all, an education tool where members not only benefit from a continuous transfer  of knowledge  from alumni but also from industry partners and collaborators. 

Since the team’s inception in 2000, Redback Racing continues to build a culture of pursuing engineering excellence supported by sponsors, research facilities and academics on and off the track. As a result, our goal is to foster the next generation of students as top industry professionals with in-demand, agile problem solving, technical and interpersonal skills. 

UNSW Hyperloop

UNSW Hyperloop (est. 2018) is a student project aspiring to innovate the future of high speed travel.

As described by Elon Musk, the concept of Hyperloop explores the potential for pressurised vehicles moving through vacuum tubes to travel at speeds twice of that of planes with the added benefit of lower fuel consumption and increased safety.

The team participates the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition in California US to substantiate the Hyperloop concept by prototyping new ideas that may one day be used in a full-scale Hyperloop initiative.

UNSW Hyperloop was the only Australian team participated in the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition in 2019.