About UNSW Future Vehicles

Engineering the Future.

UNSW Future Vehicles (FV) is a student-run organisation at the University of New South Wales, where students join on-campus student projects to design, manufacture and build vehicles. We aim to push innovation and technology in today’s world where sustainability is key.

The organisation is currently made up of four key student teams, who are pro-actively & collaboratively working towards achieving engineering perfection in the future vehicles space.

  • UNSW Future Vehicles Business Unit
  • UNSW Sunswift
  • UNSW Redback Racing
  • UNSW Hyperloop
  • About FV Business Unit

    The FV Business Unit is a new cross-disciplinary team established in 2019. The team is responsible to compliment all project functions to achieve the best outcomes for the entire project. This includes,

  • Oversitting all operations, strategy and integration of all technical and business teams within FV.
  • Establishing greater industry engagement and partnership management.
  • Providing professional advice on the leadership of managers and officers.
  • Working closely with the Faculty advisors and academics of the university.
  • FV's vision


    We accept that no individual can achieve our goal and that nurturing our team and our team's values, is fundamental to our success.


    Accountable to our successors, our relentless pursuit of excellence is driven by self-commitment and a collective dedication to the cause.


    With confidence and curiosity, we challenge norms and drive innovation towards a better future.


    Driven by a growth mindset, as individual and as entire organisation, we actively seek opportunities to learn.